Bright Start for THERAPI Styling Range!

Added on 26th March 2019

Bright Start for New THERAPI Styling Range!

Sun cream is now part of everyday life and not just those escapes to the sunshine. We actively seek out Day Creams that fight against UV rays and protect our skin for sunburn and ROS damage leading to the signs of ageing as part of our daily regime. Yet when it comes to our haircare, we are not reaching for the same level of protection.

Salon professional brand, THERAPI , have a styling range to offer all the protection your hair needs to be healthy in the sun, protecting your tresses from UV rays. UVA light is responsible for the colour change we experience, whilst UVB rays effect the hair’s proteins resulting in the deterioration of the integrity of each strand causing dry and breakage.

THERAPI’s styling range aims to bring protecting your hair into your daily haircare regime. Tocopheryl Acetate, is a soluble form of Vitamin E and the key ingredient that reduces the formation of free radicals from exposure to UV rays. It also boasts other benefits of moisturising, healing and strengthening benefits, and packed with antioxidants.

Another key ingredient is Helianthus Annuus, known as Sunflower Seed extract which protects from colour fade. UVA rays lighten our hair colour, and for those with dyed hair, this colour change can be significantly accelerated. Add in a swimming pool and there is every chance your hair will completely change with orange and green tinges from the minerals in water. The Colour Lock Technology in THERAPI hair will help prevent this.

The four products in the Styling Range are tailored for different hair needs and are perfect to help combat extra haircare needs of summer including fighting frizz from humidity and adding moisture and shine to each lock.

“We believe we all need to start taking UV prevention seriously for our hair and if you are already using styling products, then having this already built in to protect your hair makes life a little easier and you are not doubling up on products building up on your hair. The added benefits that actually care for your hair are a bonus.”
Katie Wardle, co-founder of THERAPI hair.

Get those beach waves with the Shimmering Mist which will not only help hold the style and add shine but adds that crucial UV protection on the hair.

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