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Added on 30th July 2019

Top 5 Tricks for Heatwave Ready Hair This Summer

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Summer is here which means it’s time to be cautious of the sun and heat. Sun depletes the hair’s natural moisture and this, in turn, reduces the elasticity of the hair and it leading to more breakage.

From how to treat your hair after a shower to what to do when the damage is done, here is our round-up of all the tricks to look after your locks this summer. Natalie George of The Makeover Fairy gives her tips for you to share with your clientele.

Add Moisture

Recommend that your clients to use a conditioner as a hair mask at least once a week to add moisture and strengthen the strands, which will prevent breakage. Leave the hair wrapped in a hair towel for up to half an hour for an added boost.

Invest in The Hair

A professional colour care range of aftercare has more potent ingredients than cheaper supermarket alternatives. This will keep the vibrancy of your client’s colour and will help with discolouration and fade. Ingredients such as sunflower seed extract will lock in the colour and protect it from the heat.

Take Regular Care

Having consistent trims will stop split ends in their tracks!

Wear Protection

top tricks heatwave ready hair

Beat the rays and protect the hair from the sun with a sunhat or a UV protection spray. Therapi’s complete styling range is the multitasker your clients need to add volume, smoothies, shimmer or style, whiteout clogging up the hair with lots of products. Their Shimmer & Shine spray is suitable for all hair types and the perfect addition to your beach bag.


Give your hair a rest by taking some time off the heated tools. The perfect beach waves can be accomplished easily by braiding your towel-dried hair after the shower.

Visit www.therapihair.com for your haircare needs!

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