Dry January?

Added on 28th January 2020

Dry January?

The Therapi Hair Care range is bursting with benefits meaning that your hair should be anything but dry this january.

Here’s our Co Founder Katie Wardle with a round up on why their range of products will nourish your hair this winter…

If you have been paying attention to trends lately, you have probably noticed how popular natural health, hair and skin care treatments are becoming. As our society starts to realize how far we have moved away from nature and the benefits it can provide for us, we are beginning to rely less on chemical treatments and pay more attention to natural ingredients, which can give the same results.

The abundance of toxic chemicals in our health and beauty products has seemingly had its day, which is why adding naturally derived substances, such as oils, to your daily skin and healthcare routines, is so important.

The THERAPI HAIR range all contain scientifically proven super seeds from the Baobab Tree.

What is Baobab Oil…..? I hear you say….

Some oils receive a lot of attention, while others are still peeking out from the shadows. Many of these forgotten oils are extremely powerful and provide a plethora of skin and health benefits. It’s a shame they don’t get more attention.

Baobab oil is one of those oils, however, that has recently been gaining some attention regarding its ability to outshine argon oil especially in hair care treatments.

Baobab oil is derived from the fruit seeds of the baobab tree, scientifically or botanically named Adansonia digitata, which is native to mainland Africa, Madagascar, and Australia. The baobab tree is often called the upside-down tree, as it looks as though it is growing roots upwards.

Throughout history, even in ancient times, the baobab trees have always been considered to be very nourishing and useful.

Outside of its beneficial oil, the bark of the tree was often used to make clothes and rope, and trees could also be tapped for their water, in times of severe drought.

Baobab oil itself is nourishing, thanks to its high concentrations of vitamin A, vitamin D, vitamin E, and vitamin F. The oil also contains high amounts of Omega 3, essential fatty acids that help it absorb into the skin and hair, without leaving behind any greasy or oily residue. The oil is viscous, soft in feel, and mildly scented. It is often used as an ingredient in hair and beauty products, but can also be used on its own, in skin and hair care routines.

Baobab oil is produced using a cold-pressing method. This method is best for preserving nutrients the oil contains, as there is no heat used in the process that could damage or reduce the concentration of nutrients.

Baobab oil is yet another oil that can help revive and condition dull or dry hair. Alternatively, you can use by warming and letting it penetrate the hair and scalp deep down, this is where we recommend using our microfibre towel to warm up our rinse out conditioners and thoroughly nourish your hair.

With 10 products in our range and all containing the super seed Baobab oil now is a great time to try the range which offers a simple three step hair care plan for all hair types. Firstly, choose your Cleaner, step one, followed by step two the conditioner and step three your styling product. Our gift packs offer superb value offering all three steps for just £29.95 with an RRP of over £40 if bought separately. For information on the full range visit www.therapihair.com

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