Supersize Duo's for the Therapi Hair lovers

Added on 13th April 2021

We’re delighted to be able to offer our new Supersize Duo’s which include a 1000ml of Cleanser and 1000ml of Conditioner for the price of just the conditioner.

After popular demand for the larger sizes of our Cleanser and Conditioning products we decided to create some Duo’s for specific hair types.

• The Volume Duo offers the Signature Cleanser which is suitable for all hair types and the Volume Conditioner which is the lightest weight conditioner we do so not to weigh hair down.

• The Moisture Duo offers the Signature Cleanser and the Moisture Conditioner which is for dry and dehydrated hair.

• The Brightening Duo is for blonde and grey hair and includes our Brightening purple cleaners and the Moisture Conditioner to replenish dry and dehydrated hair.

• The Repairing Duo offers the Signature Cleaners and the repairing conditioner which is for damaged hair from over colouring or too much heat styling.

These 1000ml bottles are slim line bottles which come with a pump dispenser for ease of use and convenience and offer great value with the Cleanser being FREE!

To choose your perfect Supersize Duo visit the website

Supersize Duo Image
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